UFirst Supporting Student Achievement

About Us

One of the primary objectives of the University is to increase the number of successful students at UMKC so that we may help more students graduate from the University with the degree they sought. To this end, the Provost's Office and the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management have partnered on UFirst.

UFirst is an all-encompassing early alert system designed to assist and retain undergraduate students, in and out of the classroom, by delivering a healthy, positive and successful collegiate experience.

UFirst will allow secure and private communication from academic units and offices within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to determine how best to assist students with their success. Communication tools will encompass all aspects of the student's experience including attendance, performance, grades, financial, physical well-being, and social adjustment.

In addition to an electronic component, the program relies on face-to-face interaction with academic advisers and other university personnel to ensure that students are engaged in every aspect.